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The Big Book about Sex

The Big Book about Sex and my Body is a gentle and clear way of informing the young ones about these sensitive issues.

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Die groot boek oor seks  en my lyfie

Vir ouers wat bloos wanneer hulle kindertjies vra wat twee mense besig is om op die TV-skerm te doen. Vir dié wat wil weghardloop as hulle kinders vra waarom die slaapkamerdeur soms gesluit word.

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Kom ons leer van diere

'n Ideale interaktiewe opvoedkundige boek!

Dit is nooit te vroeg vir die jongspan om te begin leer hoe om met `n muis te werk nie! 'n Vrolike boek met 'n muis wat geluide maak om aan te dui of die vrae reg of verkeerd beantwoord is!

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Let’s Learn about Animals

It is never too early for the little ones to start learning how to work with a mouse! A happy question and answer book with a mouse that makes noises to indicate whether questions have been answered correctly or wrongly!

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One of the first gay books published by Penstock Publishing.

The story follows the life of a gay man in the South African Defence Force during the 1980's.

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Junior Soduku by Marinda EhlersA wonderful way of developing children’s concentration skills and logic. Hours of constructive fun with the game that has taken the world by storm.

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Ingrid Jonker - A Poet’s Life

by biographer Petrovna Metelerkamp

Ingrid Jonker, A Poet’s Life

The first comprehensive biographical publication on the life of this young South African poet Ingrid Jonker who became an icon and a legend. Ingrid Jonker drowned at the age of 31.

'She was both a poet and a South African. She was both an Afrikaner and an African. She was both an artist and a human being. In the midst of despair, she celebrated hope. Confronted by death, she asserted the beaurty of life.'

Nelson Mandela

The Strandveld by  Marius Diemont,

This authoritative history of the Strandveld reads like a thriller, filled with the adventures of its pioneers and the gripping tales of its shipwrecks.

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Hermanus full colour coffee table book by beth hunt,

This is the first full colour coffee table book on Hermanus . It contains a vast amount of information and beautiful visual material.

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Around the World in 80 years by pat kossuth

In this book the well-known food writer Pat Kossuth gives readers a taste of the international recipes she has gathered throughout her extraordinary life . . .


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Martha by winnie rust

Martha Solomons is a simple woman, the daughter of a freed slave. Harry Grey is a priest from the British aristocracy, sent to the Cape Colony of the mid-nineteenth century because of bad behaviour.

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